The staff dedicated to this first phase of contact with the customer has a wide experience of the entire production process and has a highly professional approach. The evaluations carried out by our technicians are many and contribute to the success of the project through a careful briefing. That is why it is a very important phase of our work that we never neglect.

consulenza tecnica
supporto stampa


pre and post press

The pre printing concept has been adopting in recent years, with the birth of digital printing, important aspects related to productivity and the expansion of the offer of the products provided. In fact, we take care of the graphic design, the printing file, plate development, etc. where all the departments are in perfect synergy. During the post printing we also take care of all the procedures that do not end with the object’s printing, like the bending and die cutting.


and logistic

Our staff is not composed of graphics and printing staff only but also of exhibition and logistic experts. Our skills go from the warehouse/storage management to the products transportation, from the packaging to the labeling of packages, from the control of stocks to the actual shipments.

Servizio clienti



At IGC each customer is followed from the briefing to the shipping phase, each issue or need is addressed in a timely manner to ensure a high quality product but above all to build a relationship of collaboration between us and the customer, which might be as long as possible.