Paper Industry

A process of converting paper or paperboard into articles, as for example the box or container of a cosmetic. Before becoming a box, the semi-finished product must be subjected to different processes, some of which are standard, while others depend on other objects which it is intended to produce.



It’s a printing process on rollers of indirect type, based on the same principle of the lithography: the image is not directly transferred from the plate to the paper but through a complex rollers system, on which are imprinted the information. The majority of offset machines can print in multiple colors and currently many operations have been automated, thanks to the recent technological upgrade.



This technology has a big advantage: the printing files are transferred on the support without the presence of other media, so it is enough to send the files to the printer, based on certain parameters, so that the digital machine executes the proper commands. Since in this case the realization of the slabs is useless, as it happens for the offset, not only the production times are drastically reduced, but the printing also has a much lower environmental impact.




Our printing area is equipped with high-performance industrial machineries and is continuously updated with the best solutions in the industry. For many years our investments have been achieved to maintain a high quality and technological standard and to be competitive and efficient in a market in continuous transformation, which needs more and more innovative solutions.

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